NuLife D-Boy Outreach

Is a faith-based ministry that has been operating in the greater Dallas area since 1983.  We seek to change the quality of life for young people and their families by developing spiritual, cultural, educational and economic opportunities.  Our objectives are to impact the youth’s environment in the community; to improve the academic skill level, enhance decision making abilities positively to impact self image, lower the school dropout rate, reduce teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and decrease gang and delinquent behavior of “at risk” youth.

The expected outcome of the center’s proposed activity will include reconnection of youth back to their families and the community.  Teens actively participating in the program will, as a result, build stronger families, have a greater teen community involvement, reduce truancy, family violence, impact poverty barriers, lower number of teens involved in gangs and a reduction in teen crime and crisis issues.




“Life-9” is a unique and innovative approach to counseling!  Cookie Rodriguez, founder of D-Boy Outreach Center, has over 30 years experience in urban outreach programs.  Her experience combined with the individual care and concern that each counselor brings, has created a distinctive style that is relaxed and fun.  This approach is still direct enough to confront tough issues.

  1. Breaking the Ice – getting to know you.
  2. Self-esteem – a healthy evaluation of self.
  3. Anger – calm down and get a grip.
  4. Peer Pressure – who is influencing you.
  5. Conflict resolution – conflict is inevitable, combat is optional.
  6. We were made for relationships – yours, mine – ours.
  7. Stress-busters – dealing with the stuff.
  8. Teamwork – you’re not alone.
  9. Decision Making – why can’t I do what I want to do?



Alternative education

Our smaller classroom setting allows for more individual attention.  We offer a GED Lab and after-school tutoring assistance.



Young LIfe

Club meets once a week and has been described as "controlled chaos." Leaders combine songs, humor, and group interaction to create an hour of energetic fun where kids can express that teenage tendency to push the limits-but within the controlled context of a safe environment. 

Each of these apply the basics of Young Life to meet kids just as they are through friendship and faith.



Street Church - Meets on Sun/Wed Nites

Street Church ministry is a lifestyle of students, meeting together, growing in God, reaching their friends and living for a cause greater than themselves. 

We Exist to Help Students...

  • Belong...    where you are accepted and loved without expectations to perform or behave  a certain  way.
  • Believe...   in Jesus and His Word. Learn to live out your faith; putting God on display in all you do.
  • Become...  the person God created you to be. God created you for a unique purpose and plan. He’s  wired you to be His hands and feet to a hurting world.  We meet on Sunday nights.

"180" is a symbol of what we want to see the youth of this area do in their lives for God. "180" is a change in direction, from heading one way, making a complete turnaround, and instead, heading in the opposite direction. 

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where everyone is accepted, challenged, and led through discipleship and encouragement, to make right choices and live a life honoring to God.  "180" is a safe place for students - no matter what their background looks like - to ask questions, have fun, learn how to tackle real-life issues, and explore faith.  We meet on Wednesday nights.






NuLife is a non-profit organization supported through the generosity of individuals, churches, foundations and businesses that care about kids and support our mission.

In many ways, NuLife is a "grass roots" organization. Most of the funds given to NuLife each year come from individuals and organizations who are committed to making a difference in the lives of kids in their communities.

If you have a heart for kids and wish to see the Gospel reach them in ever-increasing opportunities, we ask you to consider supporting us financially.

The “Mission 500” is an effort to create a more diverse income stream of small monthly donations to ensure the long-term health of NuLife’s ministry. The goal of the Mission 500 is to have 500 new donors giving an average of $500 per year through small monthly donations between $25 and $100. Here are examples of how your small monthly donations will have an impact:

$100 monthly – one tutor for 10 students

$  25 monthly – a leader and student’s participation in every monthly event

$  50 monthly – a student’s camp fees for one week of summer camp

$100 monthly – snacks for 50 kids at our weekly Young Life Club

$100 monthly – a new projector or screen for our classroom

$100 monthly – 2 students attend a major event like Ice Blocking, Laser Tag

Not only does each small monthly donation make a big impact, the collective impact of this campaign is a significant, steady, reliable and necessary $250,000 stream of income for NuLife. This sustainable income stream is vital for us to achieve our vision of raising up students to make a positive, permanent change in their community. Help ensure the long-term health and vitality of NuLife’s ministry by joining “Mission 500.”